Grupo Cabello was conceived by who it is today its head and founder, Miguel Cabello. It was in the year 1984, when Servilimpsa, his first business opened, that he started this large business group that it is today, where more than 1300 people work.

Formed by 7 companies, with its head office in Malaga, Grupo Cabello has presence in diverse sectors of the business activity: automotive, leisure, sports…

A clear strategy of diversification and synergisms generated among the group companies, guarantee its growth and expansion, being in permanent contact with the opportunities that the market offers.

The group is ruled in every area of business by the same corporate philosophy: giving the best counselling to each of its clients. The quality of service as a fundamental premise.

Thus, with the strength of a great team and a spirit of constant improvement, Grupo Cabello has become a model in the sectors which we are involved with.